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Identification. Identifying Hydraulic Cylinder Seals (Cont'd.) 1a. Press-in Wiper Seal – prevents external contaminants from entering the system.

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Product description, Dirt wiper with metal casing; wiper lip protruding. Metal casing, Wiper lip, Product advantages, Single-acting wiper for the protection of cylinders against ingress of dirt, use in standardised housings, amongst others, according to ISO 6195 type B. Application, Standard cylinders. Material, Operating conditions,

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Rod Seals Piston Seals Wipers Guides Rotary Seals Rotor Seals Symmetric Seals Static Seals Fitting Tools Merkel Wiper AS H 1 H 2 ∅ d N ∅ D N D N ∅ H8 d f9 L +0,2 E 20º Housing

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Hydraulic sealing systems are used in a wide range of differ- ent applications, from construction machinery, which has to per- form under toughest pressure, temperature and media conditions, all the way to industrial water hydraulics in pressure intensifiers operating under extreme requirements with regard to lubrication, wear and corrosion.

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2DESIGN CONSIDERATIONS: Pressures to 2500 psi, surface finish 8-16 micro inches RMS and an 8600 Wiper can be used with an 8400 series U-packing or similiar seal. See PPD-3870F for Polymyte Backup Rings. Consult Factory for tooling availability and groove dimensions not listed.

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The lip of the wiper removes even the tiniest dirt from the piston rod. Such dirt particles can cause damage to hydraulic or pneumatic systems during stroke.

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Count on Precision Associates Inc. to provide you with high quality rod wiper rings in addition to Viton seals. Let us help you with your rubber seal needs today! Skip to content. Customer Login +1 612-333-7464 All Categories > Product Catalog > Rod Wipers . Rod Wipers. Request Information. AN Style Rod Wipers (17)

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For special application requirements, as well, Parker offers a wide product range (partially included in this catalogue): seal/wiper el- ements for non-rotating cylinders, oval double-acting piston seals for flat cylinders, fleece-rubber seals for rodless cylinders and special seal/wiper elements for particularly dirty operating con- ditions.

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The Hallite 520 is a polyurethane based material snap-in rod wiper that has been designed to fit Universal style housings in heavy duty applications. Key Features, • 'Crush Lip' and Face Bead' provide effective seal in housing • Pressure relief ribs • Effective scraping lip, Key Advantages,


The HydraPak Seals Seal Catalog is divided into two WIPERS. Important information is displayed at the beginning of each seal product type to help you 

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Hydraulic Seals. Dirt Wipers. Rod Seals. Piston Seals m. MERKEL. Page 2. m. MERKEL. Product. PU5 Dirt Wiper. Snap-in. Single Acting. PU6 Dirt Wiper. Snap-in.

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Wiper 1 : Wiper 2 : Telephone xaF l i am-E tcatnoC Mr Ms./Mis Peak Month Usage Special Operating Conditions : OEM Aftermarket NAK Standard ( ASTM) Customer Standard NAK Standard (AQL 4.0, C=0) Customer Standard NAK Standard ODM Customer Sample Customer Drawing Q.C. Design By Application Equipment Material aMx . °C °F iM n . iM n . aMx .

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Rod Seals Piston Seals Wipers Guides Rotary Seals Rotor Seals Symmetric Seals Static Seals Fitting Tools Merkel Wiper PU 7 Design notes Please observe our general design notes in → Simrit Standard Catalogue, Merkel Hydraulics - Technical Principles. Tolerance recommendation Nominal Ø d D 10 150 H8 The tolerance for the Ø d is defined

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High quality Hydraulic Seals, O-Rings, Back-up Rings, U-Seals, Rod Seals, Piston Seals, Wear Rings, Buffer Seals, Vee Packing, Retainer Rings, Wiper Rings, 

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SO GIANT OIL SEAL 2-3 Wiper seals Wiper seals are made of nitrile rubber, general in 90 shore a, for press-in fitting in open housings. The SOG type 182 has metal insert for reinforcement and type 282 has an external metal case. Our standard designs as Bellow. 182 2-4 0-ring 282 CFW GOETZE KACO STEFA NOK BA 827N DG CB BASL 827S DGS 822N Bl SL 822S


Hallite Seals International Ltd. 130 Oldfield Road Hampton Middlesex TW12 2HT T: +44 (0)20 8941 2244 F: +44 (0)20 8783 1669 [email protected] GERMANY Dichtelemente Hallite Billwerder Ring 17 21035 Hamburg T: +49 (0)40 73 47 48-0 F: +49 (0)40 73 47 48 49 [email protected] AUSTRALIA Hallite Seals Australia Pty. Ltd. Unit 1, 9 Bushells Place

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The “Shaft Seal Selection Considerations”page in the back of this catalog is used in the seal selection process. For assistance, contact Clark Seals, Ltd. Catalog Guidelines S e l e c t i o n o r HELPLINES D e s i g n ( 8 0 ) 5 6 5 -11 2 4 0 • ( 9 1 8 ) 6 4 -00 5 8 7 F A X : ( 9 1 8 ) 6 4 -11 4 6 7

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Sealing. As the leading specialist in sealing applications and their market, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies is a supplier as well as a development and service partner serving customers in a wide variety of industries, including the automotive industry, civil aviation, mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, the food and pharmaceutical industries, and the agricultural and construction

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We have designed Wiper Seals used as an individual seal or as a secondary seal possible within sealing system. Spareage WBR Metal Wiper Seal is a single acting 

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Metal welded bellows that have been developed using structural analysis technology and offer a long service life at a low cost. Used in drive seals for vacuum equipment, semiconductor production equipment and bellows cylinders, bellows pumps and manipulators. Standard dimension : Inside diameter: 8-50mm dia.

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AN Wiper Rings AN-M2 Wiper Rings BT Wiper Rings Buna-N Wiper Cord CAS Cascade Wiper Rings CSW Wiper Rings CWN Wiper Rings HW Wiper Rings KW Wiper Rings MCHD Wiper Rings MCKU Wiper Rings MCN Wiper Rings MCU-D Wiper Rings SG Wiper Rings ST Wiper Rings ST-E Wiper Rings ST-SH Wiper Rings ST-XL Wiper Rings ST Spanish Seal Catalog PDF Catalogo de

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